The Alive!: A band of guys who love rock, skate and surf

A few hours before playing at Lollapalooza in Chile, we interviewed the guys from The Alive, a band made up of three young people from California: Bastian Evans, 17 years old (singer and guitarist), Kai Neukermans, 17 years old (drums), and his brother Manoa Neukermans, 14 years old (bass). Despite their youth, The Alive are already making leaps and bounds playing festivals and opening shows for big bands.


– We manage a magazine rock that identifies with you since we share the same tastes for surfing, skateboarding and, last but not least, with rock music. Where did your passion for sports and music come from?

We grew up with skating and surfing as a big part of our lives through our parents mostly. Our dads used to skate a lot and still surf all the time.


– Nowadays most of the youth do not listen to this genre of music, only a small minority does. Is it difficult for you that teenagers get attached to your music style?

We Always listened to all kinds of music growing up but gravitated to harder rock and music played with real instruments. We Always liked Queens of the Stone Age, KYUSS, Black Sabbath and Rush, but also The Meters, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock and Zam Rock, even Soda Stereo. We actually see more kids in high School here now in California starting to listen to Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and a little more rock. Although most are still listening to a lot of pop and rap  there’s still hope for rock!.


– Regarding Soda Stereo, What do you know about them and what album or song do you like?

Yes, really only I (Bastian) have listened to soda stereo through my parents forever. They are friends of drummer Charly (Alberti), and a few weeks ago we went to see them in LA. «En la ciudad de la furia» y «De Música Ligera» probably my favorite songs.


– Being so young, you have played such important shows as Ohana Fest, BottleRock, Shakey Keenes, sharing billboards with Alice Cooper and The Hives, Lollapalooza in Chile and Surf Music & Friends Festival from Spain. Moreover, opening Taylor Hawkins’ show, Chevy Metal. How have you lived those moments and the experience of sharing a billboard with those great bands?

 (laughs) Yes, each of those shows was very good. We started very young (8 years old) with Kai playing in our first band The Helmets and Manoa started even younger. He attended skate contests from the age of 6 or 7, which were influenced by Skate Punk and by bands like Black Sabbath. So we’ve been involved a lot longer than people probably imagine. We are incredibly grateful for every concert we put on. We enjoy being able to play with them at festivals, the bigger festivals are super crazy and the smaller gigs are always fun to play too.


– In a few days the Alive will play at Lollapalooza Chile, what are your expectations of playing at this festival and what is your opinion about the South American fans?


Yes, we are so stoked to play Lollapalooza Chile on a big stage opening for Wombats, Idles, Jane’s Addiction and the Foo Fighters. We’ve played Chile before and always had the best time!South America fans are the best! So much good energy! And with COVID stopping shows since 2020, This Lollapalooza Chile is going to be Like a Giant Celebration.


– We know how committed they are to caring for the ocean and that they have had charity events. With this in mind, we would like you to talk about your single «Mud» and the meaning it has for you?

Yes, we surf and have seen how oil spills and other pollution impacts the ocean and beaches. We always jump at the Opportunity to play for ‘Surfrider Foundation’,Save The Waves’, ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ in England or ‘Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’. In Chile we know Lollapalooza makes a big effort to support different groups in the green area ‘Aldea Verde’ and the recycling which is also important. Our song «Mud» is really about climate change, ocean pollution and our responsibility, our generation’s responsibility to do something  about it.


– Are you going to release an album in the future?

Yes, we are all still in school full time but we just recorded three news tracks in L.A. and will  be releasing songs as singles then an album.


We wish you the best, that you reach all your goals and we will surely see you at one of your shows.


Interview by : J. Lucas