Lauren Mayberry: "Our debut album changed our lives"

The Scottish band CHVRCHES is going through a great moment in their career. This year they released their new single «Over» to celebrate their major label deal, marking a new chapter for Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. Also, this year they celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album and are now on tour with Coldplay in Europe.

CHVRCHES is in Milan, and before giving these concerts at the San Siro, we had the pleasure of being able to interview Lauren Mayberry.



– Hi Lauren, thanks for your time! I know you are playing in Milan tonight, what is it like to open for such an influential band like Coldplay and how is the tour going?

We have had such a wonderful time on the Coldplay tour. The band and their fans have been so welcoming to us, and it’s been such a special opportunity to play places we haven’t been before. It’s been many years since we last played in Milan and we are excited to be back.


– A few months ago you released the new song «Over», and there is a brilliant guitar work in this song. We want to know if you will follow this line in the next album?

We haven’t started work on a new album yet so I’m not quite sure where it will go musically but that’s quite exciting – to have a blank page and no set rules. Iain (Cook) and Martin (Doherty) are both such great musicians, whatever the sound ends up being, I’m sure their skills will be evident.


– This song marks his first release on a new label, moving from Glassnote Records to Island Records in the United States. What expectations do you have with this new label?

We are looking forward to this next chapter and seeing where life will take us. We’ve been a band for almost 12 years, which feels crazy to say, and I think taking our time to figure out what comes next is important.


– What has been inspiring you all lately?

I have been listening to the Tom Rasmussen album a lot. And Padam Padam, multiple times a day, because Kylie is queen of the summer.


– You’ve always walked that fine line between pop and alternative, something you’ve recalibrated with each album. What was it like to find that balance between these two aspects?

Finding a balance between the light and the dark has always been an important part of the sound, and each of our musical tastes. I love how bands like Depeche Mode, Eurythmics or The Cure always did that – had these emotive, pop moments but still one foot in the alternative world.


– This year marks the tenth anniversary of the debut album, The Bones of What You Believe. I would like to know a little about your perspective of this achievement

That album truly changed our lives and to still be a band on its tenth anniversary is something I am very grateful for. In some ways, it feels like a lifetime ago so it’s been nice to reflect on how far we’ve come.


– Finally, are there any plans for a special tour or re-release of The Bones of What You Believe?

I don’t think there will be any shows but we are working on something special for the fans and will hopefully have more news soon…


A special thanks to Enzo Lorenzi for giving us the opportunity to interview Lauren Mayberry.


Interview by: J. Lucas y J. Emilio